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10/13/07 Brett 10/6/2007 Rudy
9/29/2007am Bartleson 9/24/2007AM Campbell
9/23/2007pm Rick 9/15/2007PM Hardin
9/8/2007pm Bruno 9/8/2007AM Pryor
8/31/2007am EdG 9/8/2007AM Pryor
8/21/2007am EdG 8/19/2007AM McCaul
8/18/2007pm TracyS 8/11/2007 Wegner
8/12/2007 Patnode
8/3/2007am BobS 8/10/2007PM Kin
7/29/2007 Sarah 7/28/2007PM PSmith
7/20/2007 Romero 7/15/2007 Matt
6/16/2007 Dole 7/7/2007 AM Richter
4/28/2007 Romero 5/26/2007 AM Phil
Torch Lake Vacation 2007 - Krista;s BIG FISH